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Gravel extraction

Especially in road construction or for an aggregate for concrete production is gravel in different grain sizes an important raw material ...


Whether on land or water transport, our specialists André Voss from Rostock transported even below sea level ...

Road construction materials

Intense weather and heavy traffic demand from many streets often more than their individual components can tolerate ...


Production of recycled building materials

Since Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has limited raw material resources, the production of recycled building materials is our repertoire of services. The advantage is, that it is not only necessary but also cost saving.
Herstellung von Recyclingbaustoffen
We, from André Voss GmbH earthworks and transport from Rostock, winning building materials not just from the land surface or the Baltic Sea by dredging, but also prepare construction waste and disused components and demolition materials for their reuse.
With this production of recycled building materials, we avoid that useful resources are disposed of waste at the landfill and avoid additional costs for the removal and subsequent disposal.
Used materials from rebuilding, demolition or renovation work will be processed in special treatment facilities. The result of recycled building materials is to be compared in terms of their structural properties by using of primary commodities.
First, is crushed for the production of recycled building materials, on site or in stationary treatment plants by crushing rubble. By different methods, such as air separation, density separation, washing, and sorting belts, the material will be make free for the recycling of building materials harmful substances such as wood, metal and plastic. Then, the individual recycling building materials are classified according to grain size by a sieving method.
By our specialists of the company of André Voss GmbH earthworks and transport gained recycled materials, can be used in various fields as high-quality building materials. These include the use in road construction and the production of green roofs, forest roads, construction roads, earthworks applications and sound barriers.
Of course, our company of André Voss GmbH, think about the specific environmental policies, we attach great importance to the environmental impact of manufactured recycled building materials.
So we can offer eco-friendly recycled materials, which exhibit not only high quality but also protect their reuse by the natural raw material resources.