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Gravel extraction

Especially in road construction or for an aggregate for concrete production is gravel in different grain sizes an important raw material ...


Whether on land or water transport, our specialists André Voss from Rostock transported even below sea level ...

Road construction materials

Intense weather and heavy traffic demand from many streets often more than their individual components can tolerate ...


Gravel extraction

Especially in road construction or as an aggregate for concrete production shingle is a different grain size of the key ingredients that we purchase for this reason is not arbitrary at second hand. Therefore, one of our elementary services of the company of André Voss GmbH from Rostock earthworks and transport gravel to the proper preparation of materials for various constructions projects.
Since the mineral resources of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern fail, however, rather limited, we have our gravel extraction in addition to the usual process mining country and also in addition to the expanded area of the Baltic Sea gravel extraction. There is a degraded by means of sophisticated process gravel dredging from the seabed of the Baltic Sea. This called raw gravel and this would then processed according to our works and gravel, depending on the size category are screened in order as soon as possible in this way for its subsequent processing to be available.

Through this gravel extraction in the Baltic Sea is not only an efficient use of natural resources in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Our methods of Baltic gravel extraction are environmentally friendly addition to the regional economy and competitive cost-effective method of gravel gain.

Thus, our team of André Voss GmbH earthworks and transport supplied by the Baltic gravel extraction and gravel deposits through our own regional and cross-regional construction firms with different materials for various construction projects and requirements. Here in our methods of gravel extraction are not only several varieties of gravel of different particle size but also a variety of sands and soils, which are prepared by our specialists in the gravel for their further use with the latest technology.

Ostseekiesgewinnung Of course and also in our company, because the gravel is a natural engaging in the process, very strict guidelines for the mining of gravels, sands and soils, which is maintained by a continuous quality control of the gravel extraction by our specially trained staff. In this way we shall be supervised by André Voss Earthworks and Transport GmbH of Rostock in a position to impact our gravel extraction on water, soil, flora and fauna, as well as the people and keep the associated effects of gravel mining on the natural minimal.

Nevertheless, this does not detract from our flexibility, since emerging from the gravel of our raw materials are screened immediately after their removal still on site and thus immediately ready for further more and use. Of course, our team of André Voss Earthworks and Transport GmbH also here the appropriate transportation options to bring the results of our gravel extraction at their respective destination.

From us you get only the best materials and of first hand from a professionally managed gravel extraction in open-cast mining or an even more environmentally friendly Baltic gravel extraction by suction dredgers. Expect only the best quality.