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Gravel extraction

Especially in road construction or for an aggregate for concrete production is gravel in different grain sizes an important raw material ...


Whether on land or water transport, our specialists André Voss from Rostock transported even below sea level ...

Road construction materials

Intense weather and heavy traffic demand from many streets often more than their individual components can tolerate ...


Mineral trade

The larger of the building project is the complexity of transporting materials and building materials are. But for this problem therefore must be a long shot. In terms of mineral trading, you can build fully and completely on our experienced team of André Voss Earthworks and Transport GmbH in Rostock.
Regardless of where you get the different minerals for construct your projects and in what quantities you need, we offer one specifically for the unique needs of mineral trade tailored freight forwarding. Our specialists from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for such logistics are with all applicable standards and guidelines for trading and transportation of minerals very familiar, so we our mineral trade in both domestics and international context can operate easily.
Mineralstoffhandel On the road and on the water we supply all kinds of construction materials that you need on depending on what materials you can purchase from the market or even from our own mineral production. In our department for mineral trade, we will take care of you at any time transporting large quantities of building materials such as gravels.
Also the distances, which cover all our truck fleet as part of our mineral trade, for that we have no big hurdle. Not only the entire country but also much of the European Union is for the mineral trading. Hereby the power of our logistics specialists at your request, the full supply of your site with minerals and even the removal of building waste is covered.

Especially when planning and executing our mineral trade, we emphasize the need by André Voss GmbH earthworks and transport, additionally great emphasis on the timely and reliable deliveries of small and large construction sites.
This is possible only by professional coordination of the mineral trade by our logistics specialists which have even very extensive in terms of mineral transport and a lot of experience.
So, you can count on us at any time if you are looking for professional support in the mineral trade and know all applicable steps in good hands.