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Gravel extraction

Especially in road construction or for an aggregate for concrete production is gravel in different grain sizes an important raw material ...


Whether on land or water transport, our specialists André Voss from Rostock transported even below sea level ...

Road construction materials

Intense weather and heavy traffic demand from many streets often more than their individual components can tolerate ...



Resource extraction can take place even below the sea level. Your specialists and professional technology can be found by the earth moving and transport of André Voss GmbH in Rostock. With the most modern dredging process, we encourage you for a wide variety of materials for cubic meters to cubic meters to the surface and bring them safely to their destination.
Nassbaggerei - Kies und Sand Our knowledge professionals will also allowed for dredging under water various applications and projects. Our equipment is carefully adjusted to all the relevant soil and environment. Therefore, the specific requirements and guidelines are taking ecological resource extraction in the design of our dredging process and have a special significance.

Especially the Baltic gravel extraction in combination of the dredging is one of our specialties. With the help of a dredger, with this approach of gravel from the bottom of the Baltic dismantled and used for example the road construction. In this way, the company from Rostock of André Voss GmbH earthworks and transport is environmentally friendly and with its dredging methods possible to supplement the limited supply situation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in an additional resource. Especially, for the regional economy in this part of Germany, the gravel extraction by dredging, in contrast to other extraction methods, a cost effective alternative and therefore makes them more competitive in the general competition.

Our dredging process will find the building materials production next to in other areas of your application. Thus, for example, in regions with numerous waterways often measures will be taken to preserve the function of these roads. Our services of wet dredging are therefore used in ports for maintenance and renovation works.

Here are necessitated by the continuous deposition of sediments in periodic maintenance dredging. Using professional dredging methods are removed in this individual material layers. This applies equally to be subject from time to time by dredging a depression for many trafficked waterways to ensure a safe passage.

The specialists of dredging of the earthworks and transport by André Voss GmbH from Rostock assume in addition to such repair jobs and new construction projects. Therefore, our methods are also techniques for dredging in the expansion of vessel berths, environmental dredging, circuit and landfill regulations apply.

For you, we are going even for complex projects on the ground. Because of the below of the sea level you get with our dredging various materials in motion.