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Gravel extraction

Especially in road construction or for an aggregate for concrete production is gravel in different grain sizes an important raw material ...


Whether on land or water transport, our specialists André Voss from Rostock transported even below sea level ...

Road construction materials

Intense weather and heavy traffic demand from many streets often more than their individual components can tolerate ...


Special transportation

High standards require special transport conditions. The logistic team of André Voss arranged for you extensive special transports.

Spezialtransporte We approach projects with a variety of detailed planning and for you in cooperation with competent carriers and forwarders to implement together. Tell us your transport projects, whether with semi-flat bed trailers, low bed vehicles or open artics: thanks to modern technology it is possible that we can provide comprehensive forwarding special transportation.

From heavy transports to the transport of industrial equipment, construction machinery and large-scale agricultural systems, we know to deal with any kind of special transport. Even in the transport of containers and excessive parts of wind turbine of our carriers we are prepared for all eventualities.
The logistics specialists of André Voss Earthworks and Transport GmbH in Rostock accompany you in your special transportation projects from initial concepts to the unloading of cargo at its destination.

Spezialtransport - Rostock, Hamburg, Schwerin, Lübeck, Berlin Rostock qualified dispatchers plan your special transport and adapt these to suit your specific conditions. We ensure that your special transports take place nationally and internationally with no problems. We are happy to provide you the necessary permits and arrange the provision of support vehicles, so your special transportation has the legal framework. Also the planning of oncoming traffic and charge exchange return chartering is expertly arranged by our carriers, to help you in this way, an efficient transportation process and to avoid unnecessary empty miles.

How big the extent of your goods would be, the André Voss GmbH earthworks and transport, transported your goods not only in Germany, but also on the federal limits. Gaps, we monitor the progress of your special transportation and thereby avoid any delays. In this way, we bring your logistics transportation projects in time and also ensure your desired target.
The professional planners of transportation from the company André Voss GmbH knows about special services and knows your transportation projects to handle, even if they exceed the usual charge degree. Because when it comes to special transportation on a large scale, you will know us as a competent partner in Rostock and special transportation expert.